We’ve been a big part of some small things and a small part of some big things. Lately we’ve been thinking about bot mitigation, API protection, and Go and network telemetry applications. We’re making the transition from infrastructure systems to software atop cloud services along with our customers.

Some of the companies and technologies we’ve worked with:
Cumulus Networks. Open Networking. BGP-EVPN. NETSCOUT/Danaher. Service Chaining & Tool Chaining. Network Packet Brokers. VSS Monitoring. Software defined networking. Network overlay. Big Switch. OpenFlow network controller. Big Monitoring Fabric. Cisco. Integrated WAN acceleration & SD-WAN. Voice Applications. Tellme. Neoteris. SSL VPN. Network Access Control. 802.1X. Endpoint Security & IPSec. Aruba Networks. WiFi. 802.11 Next-Generation Firewalls. Palo Alto GlobalProtect. LDAP & RADIUS. Cloud Authentication. Distributed transport encryption. Hybrid Control Plane. Responsive, elastic load balancing.

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