Marmonte Systems. We opened up shop in Scotts Valley, CA. after a series of start-up successes: Pixo (Apple’s operating system provider on the original iPod), Tellme (the original voice assistant, acquired by Microsoft), and Neoteris/NetScreen (acquired by Juniper Networks), and Aruba Networks (now part of HPE). We have since helped out at Palo Alto Networks, Altor Networks, and Juniper Networks. Our work has been featured at Big Switch Networks, Cumulus Networks, and within Danaher Telecommunications (acquired by NETSCOUT).

We initially focused on product definition and UX and other product management and marketing services, such product launch and initial demand generation programs. We have expanded to providing technical communications and user-interface design services as well.

The concept is simple: startup success is no fluke. There exists an intersection of creativity and discipline, where gaps are not left uncovered and balls don’t get dropped. Many startups and new product initiatives within larger organizations falter because there are not enough resources to put full-time headcount on the job. We have defined several processes that codify standard work, making it more efficient and increasing the likelihood that the resulting service or product will win. We can help you adopt these processes. And we can do the work for you, so you can focus on the important stuff, building and selling. We call these processes the Marmonte Growth Process, and we believe MGP is the key to delivering the right product, right away.

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